Exhibition: 20/12/2023

Painting Details

Size: 100cm x 70cm

Date: March 2023

Painting Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Red Blooms in Blue Vase

This captivating masterpiece, titled “Red Blooms in Blue Vase”, invites viewers into a world of striking contrasts and tender balances. Vivid scarlet blossoms, radiant with passion and life, burst forth from an intricately detailed cobalt vase. The azure hue of the vase, reminiscent of the deep mysteries of the sea, provides a serene backdrop to the fiery elegance of the flowers. Each petal and leaf has been rendered with meticulous care, conveying both fragility and fortitude, representing nature’s dance between the ephemeral and the enduring.

Hints of ambient light gently touch the curvature of the vase and the edges of the petals, creating a soft luminescence that illuminates the scene. The juxtaposition of the warm reds against cool blues creates not only a visual feast but also ignites a deep emotional resonance, reminding one of the perennial interplay between warmth and coolness, passion and calm, fire and water.

A timeless piece, “Red Blooms in Blue Vase” is more than just a painting; it is a symphony of colors, emotions, and life itself. It promises to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to any art collection.

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Product: Red Blooms in Blue Vase